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Meet and Greet at the ALP Office

The Jamaica Plain Community Centers Adult Learning 

Program (JPCCALP) is the ideal way to develop your skills in English, math, reading, and writing, and make progress towards your educational goals. We offer free, day, evening, face-to-face, online, and hybrid classes convenient for busy adults. ALP is a full-service program where students can begin at any level and advance to college.

Adult Learning Program currently offers Career & College Pathways and has partnered with various community organizations and institutions of higher learning. Our programs and career and college pathways are available to all ALP students that retain enrollment through any given semester.

In January 2014, the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) exam replaced the GED (General Education Development) exam in Massachusetts for obtaining a high school credential, accepted by almost all U.S. employers, colleges and universities.

You can enroll in:

  • English classes

  • math classes

  • computer classes

  • career and college counseling

  • tutoring

  • citizenship classes

  • HiSET exam prep

  • English Conversation Groups

What students are saying about ALP:

“My experience with the Adult Education Program has been very positive. I have achieved short-term goals in writing, reading and conversation, expanding vocabulary and having a better understanding of the English language. I have also had the opportunity to meet and interact with other people, locals and foreigners, which allows me to have more practice of the English language and the knowledge of different cultures. Personally, I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Adult Education Program thus, allowing me to have greater personal projection and the achievement of the objectives and goals set at the academic and social level.”

Veronica Solorzano, ESOL 5

My time at JPCCALP was unmatched! My favorite part of my internship was the flexibility, which granted me to be an advocate of my own learning. I was able to create a learning plan that was best for me! I, also, was able to learn and network with brilliant teachers and receive weekly targeted feedback. Through an arsenal of learning resources and teacher feedback to sharpen my teaching confidence and skills. An incredible opportunity!

Thank you again for an incredible experience.
All the best,

Jasmine Santos

I am very grateful to JP Adult Learning Program for this opportunity to improve my English and feeling support in this new stage outside my country. I especially appreciate the dedication of the teachers, in my case, Madie Thurber, and all the professionals who work at this institution. They have a vocation to service and a high level of social commitment, with the excellent direction of Joyce Henderson. I offer to volunteer where I may be helpful to gratefully return to JP Adult Learning Program their kind support.

Marisela Valero
Caracas, Venezuela

Barbara Osbourne becomes a citizen

Welcome to the Adult Learning Program


The information you need to succeed

Message from the Director:


On behalf of our teachers, staff, and administrators, welcome to the Jamaica Plain Community Centers Adult Learning Program (ALP).

Whether you are a new or returning student to ALP, you are well on your way to achieving your educational and career goals. Congratulations on your decision to further your education. During these difficult times this decision is an important one for your life and your career and one that requires dedication on your part. Please make the most of our Program and use this time to grow personally, intellectually, and professionally. Teachers, staff, and administrators are here to support you throughout your education and during these difficult days as we deal with global, social, and economic disruption.

The ALP website contains information you will need to be successful. The website offers information regarding our Program as well as helpful community resources that will help extend your learning and personal growth. Take time to review this website carefully and if you have any questions, please contact us and we will assist you.

Be active in every aspect of your social life as well as your education and know that we stand ready to help you realize your goals.


Dr. Joyce E. Henderson, 

Adult Learning Program Director


Our Mission


The Jamaica Plain Community Centers Adult Learning Program (ALP), part of the Jamaica Plain community since 1982, was established in response to the demand for basic education, employment-related skill building and ESOL services among local adults. During that time, ALP has provided free education, pre-vocational, and other support services to low and moderate income adults to over 5400 adult learners. Each year, we serve over 300 adults, from 18 years of age and up.

The mission of ALP is to provide an innovative learner-centered, participatory educational program to educationally disadvantaged and Limited English Proficient adults. Our goal is to help students attain the education, skills, and self-reliance that will enable them to more fully participate in their communities and in the education of their children, and will further enhance opportunities for personal development, life-long learning, and economic self-sufficiency. Towards that end, we provide the tools to enable historically disenfranchised individuals and groups to more fully access, utilize, participate in, and impact the resources and development of their communities.

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